Feedback on PBR-textured blocks

I made 6 block-based meshes using PBR textures from BlenderKit for a showcase game I am programming (involving procedural terrain generation!) and I would like feedback on how they look.

From left to right, top to bottom on the second image: Dirt, Grass, Stone, Compressed stone, Snow and water.

Despite the 1k resolution limit to images, they look amazing with the normals but I’m not sure how to go about the displacement. I put a random strength value that I thought suited the displacement texture the best however they all look similar when it comes to roughness. How can I make these blocks look unique?

Please give constructive feedback so I can make these look better!


this is crazy, mind giving some tips out there? the heightmaps on this are fascinating.

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I took textures that I thought looked best off BlenderKit (a source of royalty-free textures) into blender onto the default cube then slapped on a displacement modifier and adjusted the strength until it looked uneven and rough enough. It’s super easy to do for a really nice and realistic result.

its kinda weird that i haven’t seen people really use PBR in that way though, but this is neat. thanks for the link!