Feedback on placement system

I created this project a while back and i’ve finally decided to revisit it (because I want to finish something). Below is a demonstrational video of my placement system, as far as I know there are no real issues with it

Would love to hear your feedback of the system, if you want to play the game for yourself (i’ll have it open for a bit) you can use this link (EDIT: Place now closed)

You will be given a limited number of blocks you can place in your inventory (which can be opened by clicking the radiation symbol on the bottom left, or by pressing E)

I have not added the ability to move, delete or check information of blocks (but that menu still exists if you click on a block you have placed)

Here are some points I would like feedback on (thank you)

  • Does the system feel easy to use?
  • Is there anything you would improve?
  • Are there any issues you encountered whilst using the system?

This looks absolutely amazing, and you have done an outstanding job making this! The movement is fluid, and with its current controls, is, in my opinion, very easy to use. If I were to improve something on this system, it would be how you move a block. You could, possibly, add an option to snap blocks to the grid; Thus allowing for users to avoid accidental placements. We all have those times where we are building something, then accidentally place something, I am sure. You could also add an option to add blocks back to the user’s inventory; this may be a major help when they are placing something and could be another way around accidental placements. Maybe, when a user deletes a block, it could head back to their inventory, then an option to delete that block permanently would be there?

All in all, I had no issues with the system. Very well built, scripted, and made; The interface looks amazing and I love it. This has great potential, keep it up! You did great. :happy3:

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Really appreciate the feedback, the accidental placement has been a real concern so i’ve attempted to mitigate that by allowing users to move already placed blocks, or by cancelling mid-placement (this feature isn’t fully implemented so cannot be used at the current time).

I believe there is already a grid (of about 2 studs), if not I might’ve accidentally disabled it or it’s a bug :scream:

Thank you for all the feedback :+1:

Of course; happy to help out!
I have just now noticed that there is, indeed a grid; I am just blind at times, ahaha! The allowing to move already placed blocks is a great way around this. I have also noticed that upon rejoining the game, you do not have any more blocks after placing one previously in-game. I am unsure if this is just my computer or a bug- You should try on an alternate account to test this!

Good luck on this project and happy developing; This looks amazing so far and I cannot wait to see what you do with it. :smiley: