Feedback on Police Roleplay Commission


Hi! I want feedback on another GFX. Sorry for posting so much I just want feedback. :sweat_smile: I feel like I am experiencing a breakthrough. I was hired to do a icon and thumbnail for there bank robbery update. I used cinema 4d and phohotshop along with after effectss for the lazers. Note: I did not make the logo.

The Images


Both are amazing! I like them both, for real. Just noticed something with the thumbnail tho that I think is just a minor mistake:

the arm looks to be detached a bit from the body. Like the beam is separating it. Might want to improve that a bit.

that’s it really. Spectacular work you made, mate. Keep it up :slight_smile:


With the rig I used that happens with the arm, though I could have fixed it. Thanks for the feedback!

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No problem, dude :+1:
If I ever need an icon or a thumbnail made, ill keep you in mind


That looks very exciting! I just noticed that all of the characters have 4 fingers. The way the cop holds the gun in the first image doesn’t look natural with the pinky finger so far away. Also it looks like the part around the trigger is going through his finger. But it is very eye catching! Good job!

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Thanks for the feedback! Roblox finger rigs only have 4 fingers so that is why they only have four fingers in the GFX.


Policemen are getting a pretty bad reputation right now. I recommend you rename your game to “Security Guard Roleplay,” instead; as to avoid any controversy with African American players.

I understand your point, however it isn’t my game. I was just commisioned to make it. :confused: