Feedback on Portfolio Logo

Hello there!

In the future, I was thinking about creating a portfolio, with a little logo at the top.

Here is my concept so far:

It would be great if I could recieve feedback! Thanks!


That looks great! However, I think it can be improved a lot. I’d suggest adding an outline to the diamond (don’t make it very notice able)

and maybe use a color like this


I think if you made your own art of the tv it would fit the theme even more. One thing that is missing is probably your name. Maybe move the diamond to the left and add your name and what you specialize in (like modeler, etc)

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Thanks for the feedback!

Definetly taking you up on your idea with the diamond outlining and the art of the TV.

When it comes to having names, I’m not sure how I would want to do that yet, so I feel that I should wait for that part.

Here’s what I’ve done with your suggestions:

Again, thank you!