Feedback on Portfolio sharing platform UI

The other night I randomly thought of a replacement for #collaboration that’s WAY better than the talent hub.
Right now I decided to make the UI.
After some ScrollingFrame pain (i still have more to go :frowning: )
I have the first mock homescreen UI!
YES i know about the hole in the logo, I fixed it and I will reupload it

So, what do you think of it?

  • I love it!
  • It’s amazing, but you could improve some things… (reply)
  • This is awful, no way you can save it from where it is.
  • I dont like it all that much, but here’s what I think needs to be fixed: (reply)
  • Nothing to say on it.

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What I dislike:
It needs some work. The font sizes are different, Things aren’t lined up correctly


It doesn’t look very neat right now.

There aren’t any new features compared to the Talent Hub. This seems like a new version of it, but doesn’t seem to have any new functionality.

What I like about it:
I like the general layout. The tabs seem accurate to what you need, but there should be a “Search” option.

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ha beat you to it

Yeah, I agree, as I said this is just kinda v1 if I even decide to continue this project.
And, I kinda want it to be better than the talent hub, with dedicated portfolios. Dont know why they dont exist, you can only have creator pages and it’s super annoying.
That applies to almost all of the other things you said lol

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Feedback on the newer UI i’m making rn would be helpful too!

Here’s the finished profile UI

Honestly, if you plan on making this a game, you should consider the following:

You cannot upload images at runtime and therefore people who make portfolio won’t be able to post images, which are crucial to portfolios.

I plan on allowing images from imgur or image hosting services as long as the name isn’t TOS breaking, or leading to something bad, or a TOS breaking image.
Besides that decals will still be primary.

How do you plan on implementing that at runtime?

Again, how do you plan on implementing this?

What you are suggesting is simply not feasible for a Roblox game. Although the Talent Hub may suck right now, it’ll eventually get the features it needs.

If I even decide to go through with this and not just make it a UI showcase, decals will be auto approved, and links (all links, such as imgur even) will be sent to a Discord server to undergo moderation.

I really like the UI great job keep up the great work.

If anything that mountain background doesn’t work.

So maybe just get a new background.

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Looks great. Try playing around with some more negative spacing. Keep up the good work!

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