Feedback on Portfolio (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Hello!, even though the #collaboration is closed, many peolple on the Talent Hub are asking for a place to show of your work so I decided to make a portfolio with my prices. This is my first one so I would like some feedback. Please note that this is A work in progress and I would just like to make sure I am doing this the correct way!


I wouldn’t call this a portfolio, more of a price sheet. Other than that, looks good! :smile:


Thanks very much, that’s more what I was going for really. Something to display my prices and one exampler for the price to put on my portfolio.

I agree with SnowStar by calling this a price sheet. A few things that you could touch up on -

  • Adding examples for the complex shirt and advanced shirt.
  • Adding some TOS or things that you will not do in commissions.
  • Adding some policies (pay before, pay after, pay per).
  • Adding your username, discord tag, or any form of contact that you prefer.

Also, try making the background more brighter so that your examples can stand out (more of a personal preference of mine). Other than that, looking good! Can’t wait to see what you accomplish. :star_struck:

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Thanks, I will make an edit for this for the complete one.

This is because as I stated it is not done yet. I will be adding those soon!

Very good ideas that I will take into account if I can find room on it.

I was going to do that, but I only use the Devfourm and Talent Hub as my comunication so I decided not to add it.

Thanks for the feedback!

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