Feedback on Postal office Ukraine (Нова Пошта)

Hello Developers!

I made the post office of Ukraine (Nova Poshta) could you rate? :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are a couple of pics for review:


Solid! - good use of materials, adding some posters or other wall things would be nice though!
I would make the words on the sign outside bigger so its easier for people to see.
smaller things like rotating the chairs ever-so slightly and putting messy papers on the booth would breath alot of life into this build.
there should be a door or opening to the mail room connected to the booth so the employees don’t have to leave the booth to put a package aside.
Good build but needs some living.


Це дуже піздато майже як справжня нова пошта…

This looks very nice almost as the real Nova Poshta…


Дякую! Це для моєї гри яку я роблю з друзями гра буде про нашу країну. Слава Україні!

this is for my game that I do with friends the game will be about our country

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This is really good! But a couple things:

  • There is a bit of light leakage, you can fix that by making the walls bigger.

  • The chairs in the waiting room are huge compared to the character.

  • And finally, the decal on the outside looks really low quality.

Other then that, I really like it!


бажаю вам удачі та креативності зі створення гри🤙Героями слава

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If you do this for a short time, then the result is not bad. Good luck to you in your further creations! :wink: