Feedback on Price Sheet

Hello! I have been playing Roblox since 2016 (Different Accounts) and have never thought for a second about developing. But now as I am becoming older I still love Roblox but now want to make profit from it. I decided I will focus on clothing design, and character GFX with some logos mixed in there. Most people ask for price sheets or portfoilios, so I decided to make one for myself. This price sheet is for the logo’s that I make. Constructive feedback wanted!

Please Note: Quality will be reduced due to developer fourm.

Remember, this is all just constructive criticism, and a opinion.

NOTE: This will be a completely rough review, please don’t take it personal or have something against me due to what I honestly think.

Designs: 2/10

Text and Fonts: 7/10

Reasonable Prices: 3/10


The Designs are extremely basic. The Complex Design isn’t very complex to. There’s no real background and just seems like you put google images onto the game icon.

Text and Fonts

The text and fonts are kinda good I guess, there’s no background though which just makes them look super bland.

Reasonable Prices

These prices are not worth anyone’s robux. Especially the complex design as it has little to no effort put into it.

There is a lot a lot of room of improvement needed, I wish you luck in your journey.


Thank you, I am always trying to improve and better designs will most probably come in the future. With you’re designs of 2/10, that makes the reasonable prices grade reasonable if that makes sense so I can’t fight that. Thanks for the feedback, I love rough reviews (weird huh) because that makes me work harder to do better then you think I can, even though I agree with what you said.

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i agree with fry, you need to learn to make gfx first before you actually start selling it. i didn’t start selling mine till i was at it for ~8 months. i know you’re excited to begin making robux, but please be patient.

at the moment, your pricing is weird too. you should never have undetermined prices on your commission sheets. it makes buying from you a guessing game, which most clients dislike. (e.g. my gfxs cost 60 robux per character and 10 robux per prop, everyone can easily find out themselves what the final price would be).

you should also practice more. try making the images in your logos yourself, instead of finding it on google. i suggest reading up on colour theory and following tutorials until you get a grasp of what your editing program can do at its fullest. im sure with time you’ll get better!!

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Thanks for the feedback, I will take everything you said into play!

Also, don’t try doing it only for robux. Do what your passion is, something that makes you happy.

Do It because you like it, and you will and can use it for many other things.

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I would say you should probably make some art and build up a portfolio before having a price sheet, and not gonna be rude, but that art is not sellable you are gonna have to get a bit better.