Feedback on Prison Game Live

Hello! I am Domderp999, and I need feedback on my game, Escaped Prisoners. However, we are going to do it live. I am doing this because there is too many features to go over in a single topic. So, join me on Escaped Prisoners at 2 AM EST. Link to Game: [READ DESC] - Roblox


I loved the game! But, maybe hide the players’ head as they are driving, as that looks quite weird, imo.
Like @dingbat567 said, make the UI a bit smaller, as it is quite distracting, and could get in the way in future development. So, make it smaller. The cartoony on top of realistic is a great idea that I love. I recommend you make it harder to escape, so its more of a challenge instead of stepping out, getting a keycard and, boom, your outside. Overall a really really good game, the drive mechanics are so well done! (Hide the Roblox speed thing so it’ll look nicer)

The GUI’s are blocking me from using my controls. I’d suggest you make it compatible with mobile because you’ll get more players. I really love the lighting, tho.

If you are getting this much appreciation on your game, keep working on it! It is obviously amazing, and something that players will play, so make sure to keep it up!

Great job!

Looks good.

Although, there are some bugs which did spike my experience a lot. One of which would’ve been the inability to flip my car. Once my car was upside down, there was no clear way to ‘unflip’ it. Another instance was that when police exited the prison, the “You have escaped” GUI appeared. It was also unclear on how you hijacked the stairs. Therefore I quit attempting to rob the bank and left the game completely.

Apart from that, it looks really good! …Apologies if I sounded rude, I was just being straight up and honest. Best of luck :!)


The bank is currently broken! Sorry about that. We are currently implementing submarines for a better robbery. And, banks will also be fixed! I will do public testing to help test the submarine update…! Thanks for the feedback!

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