Feedback on Pumpkin patch

This is my first time posting something so please correct anything I do wrong.

Okay so I made this pumpkin patch with GapFill for fun I would love any feedback on it.


That’s actually pretty cool, it looks nice :+1:

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Roblox Islands Feature Leaked:

Implementing new Pumpkin into game!

No it’s not real its just a speculation on what it will look like in game please imo please don’t take this seriously and suddenly end up not finding the update

not gonna lie,that actually looks like an Islands model

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better than anything i could do lol

This looks kinda nice.
Maybe add a little bit more stuff as decoration around the pumpkins.
But I like the pumpkins and the other stuff.
I remember when I always struggled with gapfill.
You did a great job with it.

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Thank you for the feedback! I will make sure to add some more decorations.

Looks good! This build definitely reminds me of pumpkin patches I go to! :smiley:

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I tried making it look more smooth Tell me if you like it better than the old one.

I like the models a lot, I feel that you should maybe place the pumpkins one by one, to add to the realism. Also, work on the dirt or soil. It looks REALLY basic. Doing that I think would make this amazing. Good job though!

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Thank you for your feedback I was going for kind of low poly.

Funny looking pumpkins ! :jack_o_lantern:

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