Feedback On realistic Terrain

Hi im tunnells a terrain artist and i would like to showcase my first realistic Terrain please tell me what i should add and Improve and be honest :smiley:


The terrain is very good but the trees looks theyโ€™re not 3d which makes them look very weird and the lightning needs to be improved .overall a good job btw can you tell me what are those white lines ? looks like rain drops.


The terrain is looking very cool and creativity.

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Looks really cool! Maybe the trees need some improvements but overall it looks really good.

This bright fire under rain disturbs me :laughing:

xD i will increase the size alot

Maybe make the fire disappear or something. (What @ButterrDev said). Tell me how you made that realistic terrain!! I wanna know. Itโ€™s amazing! :pleading_face:

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I think its because I first made cartoony terrain then it all moved to Realistic xD
This is mostly my style


What. Is. This. Sky. Looks AMAZING!

Thanks :smiley: Its a live event im working on