Feedback on recent building project

Hello there, Developers.

I’m kind-of new in the “Game Design Feild” and I came across an Idea of mine. I’ve seen some Indie Game Projects though the internet, and I decided a good way to build, is to get a reference that really suited my thinking. Here are the results.

Untitled Project Name:

Though it might seem well and pleasing to look at, I’m kind-of in need of filling the atmosphere. I dont really know what to put, besides Electrical Towers and Grass. Can you give me some ideas and feedback on what I should improve?



Well, when you drive past a field in reality, there’s not much to see other than grass and Electrical Towers. The only additonal objects I can think of are wind turbines.


Overall, what you have looks wonderful. If you are looking to add more to it, I’d suggest maybe adding a nearby pond, a few small rocks, and trees in the distance. I like your use of variety in the grass, you could possibly add wildflowers to it as well.

When I looked at fields for reference, there were many different ones. Here are few that stood out to me.

There are different elements to each of these photos, and you could utilize those same elements for creating a unique and stand-out atmosphere. Best of luck with your project.


This looks fantastic. I like the different plants you’ve added, how long has this taken you to make?


The realism and detail are absolutely stunning. Even the skybox looks fabulous. You can add some cattle for further realism, possibly.


It took about a few days, maybe 3 to 4. Most of the time was just brainstorming the idea then implementing them into the project.


Thank you for suggesting these photos! I will definitely incorporate them into the project!


Perhaps add a small cottage, more fauna, maybe even some dead trees. It’s up to your imagination and what you envision the map to be.