Feedback on Recent GFX!

Im trying to learn more about Gfx as I go on my adventure of learning!
Here’s a Gfx I recently did, and would love feedback on it!


Looks amazing! I’m actually looking for a GFX artist. Are you doing commissions?


Graphic design seems pleasing. The shadows and use of lighting are very nice.

From my point of view the background doesn’t match the design It’s not something that interest me, I would perhaps include the actual water around the surrounding areas, something along those lines the sun glare is a little overdone, try decreasing the amount of effects you put in the right corner of the graphic from my opinion it ruins the scene.

Perhaps include a few props on the beach things that you’ll do on beach areas make the actual ocean appears in the background just to make it more interesting and attractive, there’s much you can still do with this design however I wouldn’t recommend overdoing the effects inserted in the design. It’s good though the background, just needs more details.

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I love the GFX, I just wish it wasn’t “expectation” vs. “reality” of the game, the GFX does attract attention, but makes games feel more dull. Which is one thing I dislike about most games.
Finding a center would match the expectation as the reality, where the image looks good, but not to good. Something that attracts the audiences without showing false scenarios that do not match the game. Ex: Cafe game’s ad has a bckground of “paradise” however, when a player joins, It looks nothing like the ad. (I know its to get click, but it seems unfair to the viewer)

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I actually really like this GFX. From a quick glance, there was nothing that seemed odd or out of place, and a first glance is typically how long users will look at a thumbnail, so that’s a good sign.

I noticed that that one girl’s legs clip through the floaty. But that’s just Roblox, so forget I said anything.

If I had anything else to say about this GFX, I would say the white and blue outline effect in the background seems odd; however, it’s not very noticeable at a first glance.

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Really like the lighting, could use a better water texture, but overall good creation!

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Yes I am! My discord is Bossgamer2234#4778

I like everything about this gfx, the scene looks really good but it does look a bit to much because there are way to many people on that small island. The lighting looks really good you have shadows and everything. There are many items in this scene which makes it look even better. The island and the low poly flamingo look really good also. Great job! Keep up the good work.

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Love the art work and the low-poly look to some of the models!

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