[Feedback on Render]Criticism required

Hey everyone, I was kinda stacked with requests from people giving me stuff to do. Just got free with stuff and decided to do a freestyle Graphics. Would you guys be able to give me criticism as well as opinions on what I should improve in this? It’ll be appericated alot, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


I really like the wood texture looks very clean, overall the only issue I see with this is the shadow on the character, seems misshaped here and there, but overall its great!


Ah yea, I noticed that after I was done. I’m not very good at clothing folds, and I’m pretty new to it, so I’m trying to improve on that as well. Thanks for your reply :smiley:

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Also, do you use Blender or C4d?

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I use Cinema 4d (trying to make this 30 chars)

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O sweet another C4d user! If you need any help hit me up.

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It look very cool the GFX. : P

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The posing and camera point looks good i just don’t like how the lighting is casting on the character and items it looks really odd and placed in different areas.

Lighting source put into your graphic design looks here and there from my point of view - the lighting implemented into your design looks like you placed it on the ground (you can see the lighting seems to be casting, on different objects which i’m assuming your still learning?) While the design looks good like the composition.

The point light seems a little out of place if the lighting was to shine on the ground, there should also be lighting hitting the ceiling and giving the character shadows reflection something like that. The lighting should cast that evening lighting instead of having something placed in a weird area. it’s decent but could be improved if this is more of a practice design. :slightly_smiling_face:

(A few problems - with the lighting source not casting shadows on character and items)


Very Epic GFX :sunglasses:

Looks great, the only 2 things I would try and mess around with is the lighting, as it looks like you are implementing 2 different time’s in one render, and 2, I would try to work on adding stuff in the background so it looks like more stuff is going on. Other than that great work!

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Thanks (30 chars upheal AHHHHHHHHHHHH)