Feedback on Roblox Avatar drawing

So I am new to digital art and made this.

I use ibis paint X
I used my fingers mainly but for small parts I used a diy stylus

(Stylus is a pen)

I’d like feedback, and if you want a drawing just ask me! I’ll do 3-10 for free then start charging whatever its worth, maybe start at 25.

Thank you :pray:


It was just some random avatar coming to mind. The arm is on its chest.

cool! But it is a little blurry. I would also put more detail into the face. Looms great though!

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You should center it, and also the lines are a bit slanted. I think ibis paint has some form of ruler tool you can use to get straighter lines that don’t look like they’re falling.

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Thanks, I’ll use it on future drawings

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I tried using a reference. Thanks for the feedback!

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