Feedback on school logos

I thought I’d dabble around with 2d art and make logos for a fictional school I’m working on an would like some feedback (this is my first time doing something like this so it’s not going to be perfect)

please note that the shark was drawn in a separate image and I wasn’t able to cut it out all that well


Regarding the first image;

I would choose darker colours, such as blue in this case, rather than the chosen ones. To fit the text better, try re-sizing the white circle and/or reducing the text size.

Your first effort at a logo is quite good, so keep that in mind. If you ever need help you can contact me.


thank you for your feedback, I’ll take those into mind and make new ones!

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Honestly amazing. Love the colors.

Maybe try and go for a dark blue instead of gray? Or maybe change the gray to be a darker gray? I love this!

Just figure out the colors and keep it the same!

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nice it looks amazing lol keep up the work

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I like the color idea, I think it could work really well! I’m definitely going to be doing that, thank you so much!

I don’t see a need for improvement other than one thing which would be to make the outline around the shark darker, but it looks great.

go see the updated versions here: Feedback on Updated Logos!