Feedback on Second GFX :D

I just finished my second GFX inserting hair still isn’t working but I think it will eventually xD but here is my GFX ;D

Any feedback will be very helpful for me and yeah have a great day :slight_smile:


Looks pretty cool for a second gfx!! If you want to insert hair or objects to Blender from Roblox Studio, make sure that you press export on the object in Studio. Then go to blender and press:

File → Import → Wavefront OBJ.
Then after that you find your exported hair/object. It will show its name and obj afterwards with a square on the file.
For example: hair.obj
Click on the file and it’s exported!
I hope this helps!

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Thank you! The hair inserted but it’s really hard to position it on the head because it spawns really far away, is it possible to make it spawn on the rigs head are to you have to position it perfectly?
Edit: Nevermind, when I saved it to downloads and imported it, the hair was almost in the exact right spot just a few studs down but thank you for helping me!

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here watch this how to fix it

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