Feedback on security room

Hey all, I’d like some help/feedback on what else I should add into this room, I’m trying to think of what props to add as I am going for an industrial-themed style, or if it is fine as it is. Thanks.


Update: Remade some props completely such as the alarm, shelf, and lockers. Added minor details to wall vents & filing cabinet. Made the lighting way darker, and replaced the textures.

If you have any other suggestions feel free to drop them down.


This looks very nice, and overall needs no improvement, other than the water dispenser, it looks out of place and a bit weird. Plus, try converting some parts, like the rails into cylinders. Great work!


Mainly because of the coloring, I plan on making it a bit darker, also for the rails I tried that originally and it just looks kind of odd. Thanks.


Looks really nice overall. I’m not sure what material you’re using for the pipes on the side of the wall in the first screenshot, and I’m not sure what kind of material you’re going for (stainless steel maybe??), but maybe you could add a little more reflection to those. Also, the brick pillar’s textures cut off at the top of the pillar in the first screen shot, and it looks a little bit weird. However, those are really picky things that many people who just play games probably wouldn’t notice. Really nice build overall :+1:


I’m using the default roblox material metal in all of the screenshots actually, and a thing with the material is that reflectance on metal is pretty much non-existent (even on the max) so no point in trying to add that, I could revert all of them to smoothplastic (because plastic actually has proper reflections) and then create some textures from scratch to give it that shiny look. Also where in the screenshot does the brick cut off?

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@1ik maybe you can add some portraits on the wall? The room seems quite empty.

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Overall the builds look amazing, but the interior looks kinda empty, and i would make the colors darker as it gives the vibe to it.

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Spawn rooms are lighter in comparison to the rest of the facility, and of course the interior looks empty, that’s kind of the whole point of the thread. I’m asking on what I should add.

@1ik maybe you also should add some computers and security cameras.

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Not really helpful. Detail to what specifically?