Feedback on sewers!

Working on a short story game meant to run on mobile, and 1 part players will travel is a sewer bit

Just wanted some feedback on the part that’s currently done, and any feedback to make it better would be greatly appreciated (nothing to high detailed)

Not the best with these type of builds :sweat_smile:


Ah yes, those are the exact same ones I am doing in my GFX amirite?


Yup they are (If anybody is looking for GFX work hire this person once he’s open)


IN the second photo it looks weird the grass texture, because in a sewer you wouldn’t normally have nice green grass growing.

Also try add more detail on the walls.

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It looks great, and a very cool detail. but if you could add a light on the wall.

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I don’t think that’s grass dude


Looks awesome! Keep up the good work

mb, i just woke up and quickly looked and thought it was.

It’s a marble texture to simulate sewage waste

Looks really nice. Only thing you could improve is adding some rats there or idk something like that.