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I made a game called Bubble Blast, where you use Bubble Guns that launch you backwards to fight other players. Very simple but unique and original idea. I had around 85% like to dislike ratio for the first month of advertising, but when I advertised it in January the like to dislike ratio started to decrease. Now it is at 64%. The only feedback I have gotten from players is “this game sucks” and a dislike. So, I need feedback. What should I change in order to make the game better? The game is going for a cartoony and simple theme.

Game link:


Could you make it available for mobile devices? Right now, my PC is about to die, so I can’t test it in another device.

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I can, but I haven’t because I would first like to get it smooth on PC, and also making it mobile compatible is really hard. I would have to learn how to do it, rewrite a ton of scripts, and remake all of the UI. I will do it after it gets a consistent playerbase, or 85% like to dislike ratio at least.

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1,Your game map was not cartoon at all(It was realistic)
2,And the bubbles are too slow
3,Map too small
4,The city map is impossible to jump to another building
5,Spawn points are too close
6,Buying a gun on the shop is going to make the game unbalance
7,You should use a non-lyric music instead of normal song.(Have you ever seen a cartoony theme game with a normal song?)

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I really liked the game, it’s fun and colourful. The Menu GUI is really good as you’ve animated it as well. What I would recommend is to maybe add ragdolls (that’s just my opinion, I love ragdolls). I also felt that you died too quickly, so maybe make the maps a bit larger (I was playing on a skatepark sort of map) and try to prevent people with a forcefield to shoot other, likes a script disabling their gun until the forcefield is gone. Apart from that, I liked it. A fun game that deserves more attention.

Also, the music is a problem, as it has lyrics, and doesn’t fit the cartoony feel of the game. I have been producing music for 2 years now and would be more than happy to produce an original (or more) tracks for your game. If you’re interested, please feel free to message me on discord @Mestrix#2457.

Great game! I really love this game, and it’s something I would play often - I don’t find any proper reason to dislike it. I thought of some ways to make your game better:

  1. Resize the profile GUI to fit different screens. I can’t view the whole profile on my PC.
  2. Add more information to the Help page (add a GUI for buttons, and more information on the tutorial)
  3. Maybe a primary/secondary gun system so that it adds more action to the game.
  4. I see your game thumbnail states that the game is a FPS (First Person Shooter), but I can still zoom out . Unless you are still testing the game, add a script that forces the player to go first-person, or change the game genre to shooter.
  5. There is a map that I constantly got spawned outside a map and get killed rapidly because I kept spawn outside it.(probably a bug)
  6. Make the cosmetics(hats, shirts, pants and faces) only available from crates. Because they are for aesthetic purposes, many players would chose not to buy them directly(unless they are really good)
    Also add gun skins to crates(or a crate just for them).
  7. Add more gamemodes so players won’t get bored from time to time(like capture the flag, team swap, random guns, etc).
  8. The gamepass icons are oversized in the robux shop (that it goes over the default grid square).
  9. Add a way to regenerate health faster(e.g getting some health every kill).
  10. GUI for tracking cash/xp and spectate on lobby.
  11. Make the health doesn’t go under 0 on death.
  12. Whichever music track you use, make research on it to check if it’s copyrighted/requires credit or not. But it’s just best to have your own songs, so they fit the gametime better.
  13. Add a melee system, so free to play players can have them(because I think a big focus of the game is to fly around and outmaneuver opponents, so melee weapons serve well to it).
  14. Add features like: Twitter codes - so that kinda gives a start for newbies, daily rewards/missions - so that makes players keep playing it.
  15. On team-based gamemodes, make the bubble the color of the team who shot it. Currently, it’s very hard to know which bubble was yours or opponent’s, and it can cause confusion on players.(imagine a full TDM server with everyone using a shotgun: it will be impossible to dodge the bubbles since you don’t know if it deals damage on you or it was friendly fire.
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I think it is great! But I have only 2 issues.

  1. The music has lyrics which don’t fit the style
    2.Use something like offset to fix the UI

Other than that, love it!

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@qEvann He said it there.

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Also, make it so that you can only change/buy guns in the lobby. High-level players can use their arsenal to their advantage, making the game highly unbalanced: They can use a sniper to spawnkill others, and when someone approached them in close range while they are out of ammo, they could just change into a shotgun and kill the person.

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So im on mobile but I watched the trailer and it looks like so much fun. From The trailer I see no reason to have such a low dislike rating.