Feedback on ShopUi


Hello, I have recently made ShopUi and I don’t know what to add next. I will appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:


Your UI looks really good ! But I would recommend you to change the color of the price frame to something lighter. Other than that its really good.

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Three things I’ll mention from a skim-down of your menu:

  1. There’s just a couple things that seem slightly out of alignment. I’d like to see the stat bars (as well as the “Buy” and “Cancel” buttons) aligned perfectly with the item name label and the price label. Also, I feel that the item being displayed could be raised up a little to look more centered;

  2. I’d like to see an “Info” button, perhaps as a circle with an “i” inside it, somewhere near the item on display, that would show more detailed stats on the item. I, for one, like to see the numbers; and

  3. There seems to be a number next to the “Weapons” label, as well as a number next to each item in the menu. I’m not quite sure what these numbers represent. Are they prices? The number of items currently for sale? Perhaps there is way to be more specific with those.

Other than that, your UI is legit. Keep it up (hope this helped)! :+1:

  1. Weapons label mean how many of weapons there are.
    well as a number next to each item in the menu.
    The number in each item means the price of the item.

Your Ui design is awesome! :wink:


The UI design is nice and kept simple, nothing too complicated, but what I noticed is that the textlabels, “Buy” and “Shop”, are crossing the borders. For the buy, you could extend the background or make the text slightly shorter so it can fit to the center, as the “y” is crossing the border, and same with shop as the “p” is touching the line. On the other hand, I like the idea of organizing where everything is.