Feedback on showcase I made?

I just recently made a showcase and would like feedback! Game link: The Forest's Creek [SHOWCASE] - Roblox


I can’t enter the game… could you fix that.

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just did sorry about that. Try now

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still can’t join maybe you haven’t saved the changes?

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ohhhhhhhhh sorry about that. fixed it

Here’s a couple of things I would change The sky feels out of place try adding one that fits it more.
also, the trees need some improvement they don’t match the atmosphere. One more thing try adding some frogs or bugs to the showcase. Other than that it’s great!

This has nothing to do with the showcase but you should add some images to the game page so people will click more.

Ok, thanks! Ill try imrpoving it

The sounds are too loud, You should lower it down.

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The showcase is amazing! Finally a showcase that doesn’t have tons of shaders which make my CPU go wild.

I would like you to lower the volume of the ambient sounds because quite frankly they’re more distracting than pleasant.
Also you should add some lighting effects to make the game more beautiful.

Lowered it! Mind testing it now?

Ive added some new lighting and lowered the sounds. Mind trying it out again?

Ive also added new lighting, new skybox, and some new nature assets (all open sourced)