Feedback on Showcase!

Hi everyone! So recently I’ve started working on my very first showcase or build in general and I would love some feedback, good or bad!

This first set of pictures was from a few weeks ago:

This one is the same view but with better lighting. ^

This is a close up of the bed area in the back, as of now I’ve only used free models as placeholders. But I’m currently learning how to use Blender so I’ll replace them all with my own models eventually. ^

This is a close up of the window, sorry for the bad quality though. ^

Now these pictures are from today, I’ve made quite a bit of progress:

I added wallpaper and I made a larger chunk of the ceiling. I actually made the wallpaper texture myself using Canva. ^

Here’s another view of the ceiling, I still need to fill in the darker planks on one side but you get the idea. ^

Okay here’s a closeup of the ceiling with all the planks and curves. ^

Here’s a closeup on the chandelier, sorry for the quality here. I think the smaller screenshots are blurrier. ^

And here’s the gross looking top view. It’s fine though cuz once I’m done no one will be able to see all of that. ^

Anyway, this is basically supposed to be a cute yellow-y living room. I still have to make the furniture and finish a ton of details. I’m gonna add windows basically around the entire room except for one panel which will be a fireplace. Also, the pillars are super gross right now so I’m gonna remake those too later.

But yeah, that’s basically it so far. I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

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The amount of parts is questionable unless you have a really strong pc or made them all in blender. Other than that, really nice attention to detail. :+1:

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