Feedback on showcase

Looking for feedback on what to add/remove/change with this showcase: Fenwood Forest - Roblox

Everything in it, except for the trees, was modeled by me in Roblox Studio.


All trees were made by you? (111111)

There is not much to give feedback on, since we dont know what you are after to make for this showcase. The most things i can see are the trees, wich are not made by you you say. I saw the chimney at the side of the house, the texture is not fitting with the rest of the chimney. Maybe you could select all parts and union and than use a texture to make it 1 piece.


I mean… It’s alright I guess. The terrain is very boring and the trees don’t vary much. You don’t give us alot to judge on considering the lack of content in your showcase. I think you could improve by adding an interior to your little cabin, as well as more dramatic land formations in the distance, such as mountains or hills. I also believe that the cabin could be way bigger, because my RTHRO character is quite tall and lanky compared to it. Also, more builds pertaining to the theme that the owner is a lumberjack of some sort (inferred due to the logs on the side of the house) could help spice up the game and give a much more story-like feel to it. The post processing is also very plain since it just looks like the default settings that you start with. I do think you have alot of potential though, and you will improve greatly soon.