Feedback On Showcase

I used no free models. I created a developer’s room. How could I improve this build? Is it fine the way it is?
game: (I decided not to give images because there are so many small details in my opinion.)


depends on skill level on how I would rate the build, if your pretty new, looks nice, but if you are more advanced, it could use a lot of work. I see the amount of care that went in to the build, good job overall :slight_smile:

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  1. use a rig builder the chair is as tall as an avatar
  2. add more detail at this point its a low poly build if that
  3. use more different shapes wages, unions etc
  4. look at some showcase and compare yours to there’s don’t call every build a showcase
    5.add more detail its very blocky and very little detail
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yeah, I’m a bit new to building. I usually script, but I decided to build something quickly. :slightly_smiling_face:

• The color correction and blur make the overall build less interesting.
• The build itself is very complex.

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Well the concept of the showcase is not bad I like how your just stuck in this room. Now I hope this is not off topic but was this showcase trying to represent being under quarantine just curious to know. Now back to my feedback what you could do with the blanket is you can make it thinner because it will make the room look better I would say. Another thing to point out is the bed feet is clipping with the bed mattress that’s another thing you could fix. One thing I noticed when I zoomed out of the room is that the house is not even finished as you can see by the second photo now if you don’t want people who join your game to zoom out all the way and see a unfinished house then just make the outer zoom shorter or have no zoom out at all.

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Quarantine, just may have caused me to build this… :mask:

I personally think it’s a pretty good start for your first ever showcase however It does lack a lot of detail for a showcase I would expect way more detail to be in the room.

Overall, it looks alright, I believe this is your first attempt my only issue is there’s not much attention to detail. The room Is quite empty and doesn’t hold much detail to it, I’d would suggest adding more room decorations around such as lamps, ceiling fan, clock, room posters, wall shelves, dresser furniture ect.

Try looking at some reference image to get some inspiration of from you could also take a look at other peoples builds to get an, idea on how you want your design to look like. I would try filling in the empty spaces and try not to make the bed very long.

The design and shape looks good. I would suggest you to finish the full house so it could look completed is this still in development?

I plan to only have that room. But I will add some details to the outside ( other houses, flowers, etc.) It is now in development because I am changing and adding some stuff. I will give an update on this post once I’m done.