Feedback on simulator Gui

The title explains it. I want honest feedback on what I can improve and what is currently wrong with it.


Having UI at the top that serves as buttons is usually frowned upon, especially for mobile, I made a neat diagram that can hopefully help you out.


(The X’s are areas you usually want to avoid putting UI, top left due to chat, top right due to leaderboard, bottom corners due to controls. While the blue is the range of what your thumbs can comfortably reach without re-positioning each time to press a button)

Hope this helps.


I think it is fine. It does remind me of a ton of other simulators though, you might want to add something different about the GUI’s instead of putting everything on the left, but I like how you made a pop-up GUI at the top, so I think you are at the right place.

I hope this helps I am not that good at having ideas and I wish you well!


Thank you for all your feedback! I’m going to try to work on this longer to improve it.

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Recommend making guis a bit smaller, that way mobile users won’t have to suffer pressing buttons on accident. :smile:

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I think it’s pretty good. It doesn’t flash in my face and has a pretty good explanation of how much currency you have.

The side guis need to be way smaller. 1/3 of the screen is way too big for just 3 numbers. It might also be better if you switch the top and side guis, just for usability.

Just maybe change the Icons. Like controller, coins etc. But overall looks great!