Feedback on Simulator-like house

I recently finished making a Simulator-like house, and I wanted some feedback on it; anything I could add, change, or polish up. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

ho_use2 ho_use3

(Made with ROBLOX Studio)


I think this is a really good Low Poly house, Low Poly can only be made in blender the purpose of it is to reduce lag and make it only one part as a mesh, so maybe rename the title to feedback on a simulator looking house or something like that :smile:

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Okay, I’ll rename it now. I thought it could be considered low poly.

Well it looks like low poly, don’t doubt me there it looks really good better than I could ever do im currently learning low poly in blender right now. It just isn’t considered low poly due to the way it was created not the look of it.

Feedback on builds goes in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations, building support is for technical concerns. Please read the category guidelines before posting in the future.

I think the house could use a chimney and more windows at the back.

I apologize. I’ll put my post in the right category next time. Also, thank you for the suggestion; I’ll try adding those.

I like it. First, if you’re going to have the color scheme the same as the window frames I would try going for another color for the frames they seem to blend in with the house, perhaps adding a grey-ish color for the bricks could look more natural you should also place a few objects on the roof so it doesn’t look plain like what has been said above will work maybe.

Add some particles coming out of the chimney. This will be quite easy to make and will look extremely good. A window or door in the back could be added from the image the door looks quite small it might be the way you took the screenshot if I’m not mistaken?


I’ll try to take all of these things into account and make the house look better. I’ll also increase the door size, which was a mistake on my part. Thank you for the feedback.

The house looks good! If I may ask, what will it be for?

it’s pretty good! it’s pretty much a low poly house but still nice!

Technically it can’t be because for it to be low-poly it needs to be made in blender

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@rockboyb123, great house! I think you should mute the colors a little, they’re quite bright.

The main reason I’m making this post is I just wanted to say that “low poly” (in this context at least) is a style. You can make low poly style meshes anywhere, not just in a 3D modeling program such as Blender!
Heck, you can make “low poly” (in the technical sense) in studio. Though it does like to chew up meshes from my experience and I’m not sure how that applies to unions.


I just wanted to try and make a cartoony-styled house. Nothing else.

Yes, that was a mistake on my end. In the future, I’ll try to be more aware of that

Thank you for both the suggestion and the information. I’ll be more aware of this when I decide to make something in the future.

Oh wow that is a really good house! Use that for a adventure-themed game instead of a simulator! Better than a simulator. I rate that a 9.4/10 and i would pay 500-750 robux for that build.

Keep up with the amazing work! :tada:

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