Feedback on [SKI WORKSHOP] by Official_DevFrancais

Hello everyone ! I just do my Ski Workshop ! All theses skis are made by myself. After long days of Skis modeling, The Beta is out !!! The building is a Workshop on the high attitudes of Pyrenees. After being buyed again, The workshop is now calm !!! Go test it !! :wink:


I think adding some shelves in the middle of the room, a staff only door behind the counters and some fences at the front. Other than that I think it is rather a decent build. :D.

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It’s very nice to be a game , great job :wink:

Add depth to the ceiling planks, try not to overuse the wooden planks texture, and NEVER EVER use the fabric texture, it looks so ugly. For the rug, use custom textures, for the walls, nothing need to change, for the shelves, add depth to them, they just look like three plain black strips. Add something that binds the skis to the shelves. For the counter, add insets, and change the countertop material. For the lights, don’t use plain neon, make a glass shell and make the inside neon, you can add like black fade textures for shadows if you want.


Overall, I like the build. However, there are some minor details that you may want to look into changing and adding to the interior. Like the others have said, the floor could use some tweaking, I’ll try adding some tiles or hexagon flooring to the build I don’t think a fabric material fits well with the design of the building itself, but aside from that.

Try placing some wall shelves so other equipment could be added to it on the main section of the wall appear to be empty it won’t hurt to place some shelves, including some boots, maybe a small carpet in the front of the counter area. The last thing that I would add is probably some detail, maybe throw the full equipment in the shop instead of just having the (Ski Boards) in the building. But aside from that, the build is looking nice.

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Thanks it’s good to have feedbacks !

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Consider adding snowboards, as most ski lodges do offer snowboarding.

Hi Aimoab. We are actually working on Snowboard racks. Outside we will do other shops and lodges. We will maybe make a ski resort.

This is better ?

Yes, looks better. Also, it’s Aiomab, not Aimoab. xd

However, I do think you should add those cool skins you gave the skis to the snowboards.

I just make them ! you can now head to the Workshop for see textured snowboards

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It really does feel like a ski workshop with all the wood and the lighting. So props to that, you could definitely add more furniture though.