Feedback on some animations that I made

I’ve been making some wacky animations with blender lately, I want to hear your feedback and opinions so that I can improve my animation skills. A criticism would be also helpful!.

Here are some animations that I’ve made!.


It’s funny! The way it moves is smooth, and it’s very impressive, honestly.
Nice job bud! :+1:


Thank you for the kind words!, I’ve been working my way out to try out different animating styles lately hehe.

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He sips from the can too quickly

Coming from an Animator :

  • For the first one, he drinks from the can too fast, have the legs planted using inverse kinematics, unless you don’t have a rig with one then no need, no left or right rotation on the torso, and last of all, add a more clear follow through when he hits the ground.

  • For the second one, poses seem unclear, or not very defined, it’s hard to tell if hes winding up for a punch sometimes, the punches feel as if they have no force since the torso rotates at a linear type of speed (even though it is bezier), try and make it like an in-out easing, where they have a slow beginning, but a faster end, also the head is looking around way too much.

pretty smooth, i love your easing. the drink is too fast, i love the wipe, but the falling is a little… unnatural.
Maybe try to have his head looking more a the punching bag for the second one? and the kick is a little unrealistic with that torso bend or whatever

Right, thanks for the compliments and some tips. Yet, I’m still learning how to animate all. Also you mentioned about kinematics, how do I apply it to a r6 rig. I have no clue how the moto6d works. Overall thanks for commenting. Cheers!.

Yeah i can agree the drinking is too fast, it was a rushed animation, but still I appreciate the compliment and tips !.

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I have a R6 rig was open sourced in a animation server, if you want the rig and the server just message me on my discord: trulysmoosh#8686

Alrighty thanks!, I’ve sent you a friend req in discord.