Feedback on some assets I'm making for a map submission

I’m currently modelling a couple of assets for a map submission for a game that I really like! Although I basically have no experience in building in studio, I believe I can make my map submission out of mostly meshes that I can model myself in Blender. I unfortunately had to texture them in studio, and I do not know if the game creator would allow me to texture some of the models in Blender. I’m also looking for feedback on them.



I also put a rayskin texture from Blender on the katana’s tsuka, as per se in traditional katanas.

Don’t know if the game creator is gonna like it, but oh well.

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Looking good!

I’m not too sure on the style of the game you are doing this for, but the torii looks a little too bright red. I’d maybe go to the hex code editor and make it a little darker.

Thanks for your feedback! I’ll make it slightly darker tomorrow.

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