Feedback on some builds

I was just hoping to get some feedback for these builds that a friend of mine and myself did (he did more). This is for the beginning of a hotel, the first 2 images are the Homestore, and the last one is like a spawn.



It looks alright, it is a little underwhelming to look at though. for the floor of the homestore i’d make the wooden floor for this to have thicker planks, maybe 1-2 studs but .1 studs apart or something like that so it’s easier to look at. cant say much else since its pretty incomplete atm

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It is a wooden floor with Neon under it.

suggest making the neon the same material as the wood but a little darker so its not that painful to look at

I will take that into consideration thank you

Looks very nice, I love how you used reflections.

It’s a great build except it looks a bit small though. Others are wonderful.

i would suggest to make a beach for the second build,it seems like a floating island :joy:


Haha! I actually made it situated on a sand island, with access to a beach, the homestore, and the Hotel part.

Yea, you did it on the first picture.

Thank you for your feedback! It’s appreciated.

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How do you feel about this?

A bit of a curve in these.

This is an update on what I have now.

Consider using details as I can see you do use small details but you should use decals as I’ve said previously with other great builders. Decals bring interest to your builds and can also bring in more people to look at them since they are so great features.

Hey! Maybe add some sand around the concrete m/restaurant? As well you should lower down the neon on the sign as it’s too bright.

Alrightio! Thank you for your feedback.

Hi @xJxck_yy, very good and realistic creation, just some minor tips you need to take note of:

  1. Firstly, Lighting part for those things example: light, try to use material part for neon to give even more realistic lighting part.
  2. Secondly, include Sun Ray effect to make the place more realistic and added day/night cycle with automatic light turn on and off during day time and night time

If you’ve already done so then nothing much I would suggest.

Other than that, the rest are doing good, keep up your good effort! :slight_smile:

Thank you Autristically! I really appreciate that feedback. I wasn’t the only person to build this, however I will refer my colleague to this post. I am however a realistic builder myself.

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@xJxck_yy, no problem but always keep in mind, realistic building and including a lot of in-depth hard-work is a sure way to attract a lot of visitors to visit your place. :grin:

Your builds are very neat, I’m a fan! I just think you should fill them up a little more. Add some more detail around it. Maybe since its just an island you can add a little dock. Though overall, it looks really good, good job!