Feedback on some low poly stuff I made

Ugh took quite a while to get here. Hello there i’m 112365595 I’ve recently started making games and I’ve made up my mind and decided that I want to become a builder. I’ve been really interested in low poly builds. So I’ve been trying a lot to build low poly.
Tell me what you think.


Do you think you could paste the images rather than provide just a link?

Here’s the image.

Oh okay. Very sorry about that. I didn’t know ill make sure to do it in the future.

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Do you use other platforms to build/model such as blender? If not then I highly recommend using blender. It is free and it’s very easy to learn!

Some of these aren’t low poly. I’d recommend using blender if you aren’t already

But keep it up, it’s looking good.

Hi There! You stated in the title of your message that you wanted feedback on Low-Poly assets that you had created. To what I am seeing, I see mostly wedges, spheres, or other Studio Tools. I can only see 2 or 3 assets that are meshes. I suggest using blender to make more meshes; it is free too! You can find it here.

Feedback on the assets that WERE Low-Poly
Your circular tree looks really nice, I do suggest changing the trunk though. Your rocks appear to be like almost every other Low-Poly rock you find on Roblox. I suggest changing it up a bit!

I’m not so good with blender so I’m sticking with studio rn but I’ll try get better with blender.

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I would not consider these low poly.
Here’s an example of a low poly mesh
Tree |
You see the curving and shape of it?
Now look at your tree made in studio

In-studio it’s very hard if not impossible to make low poly meshes. I would recommend learning how to use blender and creating them there


I don’t think roblox studio is really the best place to create low poly assets.
From the screenshot, it’s really hard to nail that low poly count you’re really looking for.

The rocks looks neat honestly. I’d recommend you start using Blender 3D to create Low poly assets.

Here’s 2 of my work I created in blender 3D that could give you the best experience to create low poly assets there.

Overall, your assets looks pretty neat so far! :+1:

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I believe developers are constantly misusing the term “low-poly”. Your builds there are not low poly. Actually quite far from low poly. It looks like you used Studio to build those, utilising SpecialMesh.

To explain “low-poly” is something that has used a low amount of polygons (mainly in the form of triangles) to save data for have a unique technique of which some developers like to use. You do not use the term “low-poly” to describe anything that looks “plain” or “simple”.

These are some decent low poly assets, they are most likely low poly assets as Im certain those builds dont use that high of a polygon count, as for the trees they could use some more detail but given that your most likely new to modelling I would say that they look pretty decent, and you can get better with a few months of dedicated work, to improve your skills just youtube search some low poly building tips for any external modelling software, the most common ones used for roblox are blender or maya, or you could make then in roblox, but your creative freedom will be affected because roblox modeling tools are inferior to a professional modeling software. Anyways you will get better with time and practice but so far your on your way good luck