Feedback on some recent GFX with a new program!

So a few weeks ago, I have decided to switch from Cinema4D and OctaneRender over to Blender3D for rendering and making GFX. I have made quite a bit of GFX with Blender so I would like some feedback on how far I’ve come and what I can do to improve!

Here are the GFX, placed in order of top to bottom, with first being my first Blender GFX and bottom being my latest.

(A gift for my 6 year old brother)

Thank you for reading!


They are all very nice but the lighting on the 4th and 5th one are bit odd. It looks like a stroke almost.

Thanks! If you meant the sunrays thingy in the background, that was intended and was supposed to be in the style of a generic simulator style icon.

All of them are beautiful from each other, but in the third picture, you should show that they are under water, because it is not clear. :slight_smile:

These are great renders! Awesome work!

One thing I would try to improve on is the lighting, I know it can be tedious to work with and it’s a trial-and-error process, but it can really add something great to your pictures and add emphasis on certain characters when done correctly. For instance, the third render seems a little too dark, and you can’t make out a lot of the features of the characters that’re swimming around. I know this is one of your older renders, so maybe it’s something that can be implemented in future renders. If you wanted to take it a step further, you could add it into an editing program and add minor effects like bubbles, maybe some wavy/underwater textures and a small blue tint to make it seem like they’re truly underwater. Sometimes it’s the minor effects that really make it stand out.

However, the render with the two guys standing with guns looks fantastic in my opinion. Personally, I love the lighting in that one because it adds to the vibe that it’s giving off. It adds that oomph and that mystery to it, and I think that one is perfectly done. Lighting can be tricky to work with, and it always depends on the scene you’re working with and the vibe you’re trying to give off from the image which is why it’s such a trial and error process.

Other than that, I think your renders are great! Keep up the good work. :smiley:

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Thanks so much! I’ll definitely take your advice and use it to improve as much as possible. Thanks for the help!

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You’re welcome! Your work is great, I can’t wait to see what you come up with! :relaxed:

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