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Hello all,

I’ve been trying to get into composing music for a while. I would really appreciate your feedback on this soundtrack I made. I really apologize for the low quality footage - my computer mic isn’t that great, so please try to look beyond that.

I thought that this would work well as a medieval theme, perhaps in an intro clip like the one in Vesteria.

I welcome any feedback!

Hope you all are having an awesome day,


Would be 1 million x better if the piano and everything was done electronically, and I know that may be very difficult but if you have the noting for the piano and the other parts its a possibility. Hope this helped!

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Thank you, I agree that the reverb is… just … so… terrible…
I hope that I can figure out a way to make it better. Thank you for the feedback. If I got a proper recording mic I could probably do it…

try writing it on some DAW. if you can’t then its best to get a better mic.

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complete silence at the beginning for like 5 seconds.
also you should totally try to do this virtually with a midi keyboard or something because the sound quality will be way better!
if not, just get one of those great recording mics

sounds more like ‘motivating music to get you back up’ than medieval.

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Thank you all for the kind words!

If you have any feedback on the actual music itself, that would be great.

The music is pretty nice, however I feel as if it lacks a consistent returning melody. Great for something like ambiance in a lobby or something. Chords and notes don’t clash much as well. Try doing a rag time sort of trick where you take the lowest note on the left hand’s chord and move it down an octave and then play rest of the chord separately. It’s basically just the bass note taken down an octave to add more dominance and feeling. Feel free to add the most far right pedal when you hit it if you want.

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GREAT MUSIC! But I believe that you should use a computer that will play the notes for you… it will sound a lot better and it will play with out any possibility of error, though your recording is spot on…

I agree with the other people that it should be remade electronically, as the microphone you used isn’t great. Otherwise, I like it! What are you using it for?


Thank you for the feedback! I agree that it should be remade electronically, I’m getting some software that will allow me to do just that.

I’m currently not using it for anything right now, if I could remix it I think it would sound good as the main theme in a medieval rpg/mmorpg.

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Oh the music would fit perfectly with almost any medieval game. Perfect way to use it!

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