Feedback on Space Ship Control System

Hello, I’ve spend the last few days working on the control of space ships for my new game, I tried my best to base the control system on the one in war thunder. Here is a Demo

Their is still a few bugs as you can see but any feedback appreciated :slight_smile: .


Personally, I love spaceships, and yours looks really good, a few tips:
Make the bar at the top ignore the CoreGUI, i dotn remember the setting, also make the mouse cursor invisible while in there as it doesn’t look too good, otherwise it looks very good, also I think the bug you are talking a both is it clipping in the floor? Also can it move ahead? If yes can we have footage?

thank you, the bar at the top is just the performance stats its part of robloxs defualt GUI. Yes I should do that to the cursor. I know what’s causing the bug (I need to add a up vector the the CFrame:LookAt()), No it can’t move ahead I am working on that right now.

Okay, I’m gonna be waiting for the update where it moves! Hope you are gonna take in account my feedback!

Very Smooth And Realistic Good Job!

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Done, I fix a bug but their still is one 2023-02-22 14-40-36 eddited

That looks very good! I’m not sure if I have any other tips right now, if I have any other idea I’ll tell you

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