Feedback on start of my terrain

Starting to work on an new showcase/maybe role-play game, and I started some terrain designing tonight before bed. I got an few snapshots while I was designing it so far, and I just wanted to know your guy’s opinion.
I’m an pretty bad dev, so don’t expect much.
Forest image #2|690x409
Forest image #1|690x341

(Fyi sorry I can’t get my pictures to be screenshots)


I love this i could never be a terrain artist nice job keep it up!!!

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I’m actually really bad. I just generated some plains and hills to edit with trees and NATO/RUSFOR bases and similar stuff.

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no dude this is good its ok that your doing that its a good start to become better trust me you are good

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Thank you man, I appreciate it a lot.

no problem bro anytime keep it up!!

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First of all, WOW.

For a second I thought this was on the Unity Engine and I had to double check the DevForum post and then I reailised it was on the Roblox Engine, the colour shading is beautiful, the fine details just sit right with me, this might seem a little far fetched to hear but this may be one of the best custom terrains I have seen on this platform let alone engine. I think in the future or any time soon you will have many opportunities in person to work for gaming companies as this is a style that is in high demand.

Awesome job!

This looks so great! But, you could make some more changes to it.

Try playing around with the Lightning feature in the Studio, depending on how you use the Lightning, you could make it more realistic.

Also, place more trees around the map! It is a forest!
Overall, keep up the good work!

I will try fiddling with the lighting, and this is just the start of it, so.