Feedback on start of train station [2] - More Progress

Very simple so far so I don’t expect much for you lot to follow on however I am currently trying to create my local train station ‘Bournemouth’ which is located in Dorset, United Kingdom. I aim to eventually complete the whole train station.

Some of you may of seen my previous forum post which was sent out three days ago and I have promised you lot to see progress.

I am still working on the road system and signage outside. As you can see it’s the doorway, some of the roofing, windows and walls.


This looks nice i hope you finish it!

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Thank you.

Yes it will be finished at some point.

Could you add realistic textures when you are done? would make it look a lot nicer.

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I’ve considered using textures and I have done for the flooring but I feel as though no texture has the right brick I need. I tried using a brick texture instead of the roblox generated one but I feel as though it doesn’t look nice.

So far so good! You sure did add a lot since last time. Keep it up!

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