Feedback On Stopsign

Hello I would like feedback on my stopsign


Very nice, this is awesome! Good work! :+1:

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Thank You I Used 3D Text For The Word Stop.

It looks well done, the generic stop sign you’ll see in real life, good job, however the issue I have with it in my opinion is that it looks way too short


Yeah I was thinking that too I will make it taller.

This stop sign is perfectly copied from what you see in Real Life, except one thing, it’s a little short so just lengthen the pole about 2-3 studs and you should be fine :+1:

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Yes I am gonna make it taller :sweat_smile:

It looks good, I agree with others about the shortness of it. Otherwise, great job.

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Thank You I Really Enjoy The How Nice The DevForum Community Is.

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It looks great! Just how I would invasion a stop sign in the studio compared to real life!

But, if I were to criticize something it would be that the top of the sign looks a bit bigger than the bottom.

I don’t like how it’s 3d text, it makes it look somewhat like the sign is melting.

Sorry but I don’t understand nor see it melting :sweat_smile:

Yeah I will fix that I noticed it a little :sweat_smile:

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I feel like the text is a bit too big, and the text is also ma bit wonky. The hexagon is also a bit big. Otherwise, looks good!

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Ok I will work on the text. :sweat_smile: