Feedback on Storm-Chasing game

(Aerial (Alpha) - Roblox)
I am working on a storm-chasing game, and I want feedback on how I can make it better.
It was one of the projects I stopped working on, and just started again.

Edit:I am working on a car spawner right now, and listening to feedback.

Do not hesitate to be harsh, I need the most honest feedback.


( Update Log )

> Aerial - Changelog/Update Log

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To me it was not a storm chasing game.

I wanted a car.

I wanted a sprint ability.

I wanted a radar.

I wanted to go chase a storm.

I wanted to shoot rockets into the storm and collect wind speed data.

I wanted to have my car break down and have to run for the nearest cover.

You know, like Storm Chasers do.


I personally would’ve put a devforum link to a bulletin board holding all of your changelogs and bugs.


Okay just finished playing. What the goobly doop is this. No offense intended ahead in this brutally honest review.

  1. Why is the tornado pulling out the earth?

  2. What the heck are those buildings? Are those free models?

  3. There are no cars, no sprint, not even a wait between a tornado, its just one that destroys earth.

  4. Even the tornado is a free model probably, The good thing in this game is that u used my damage script probably ( x2)

  5. The builds have no depth. they are just blocks.

Can i help? only thing is that i got hacked and my chat is turned off and pin locked. had to change pass. and use verify

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Understandable, I am still working on it and just started working on it once again.
Thank you.

I have considered this, and will do it soon.
I didn’t do it first cause I couldn’t post, just found out I can today.


Just friend me, I’ll invite ya soon.

Thank you for the honest opinion, not many people are brave enough to tell theirs lol.

Also, yes the buildings are free models.
I am working on a map and didn’t have time, so it is mainly just free models.

Thank you again.

Makes sense, I don’t have too much time today either.

Shooting rockets into a tornado is a really cool idea i never thought of when i worked on my Dominator 3. Cars are very strange to work with. I know because I am a developer

This sounds really cool actually, I’ll probably add something like that! Thank you so much, I think this will be perfect.

What happened to your reply

Character character

I deleted it because I replied to the wrong person.

Hey could i help you develop? Although

Yes, but do you want payment?
I am pretty broke lol, so I can’t really afford many developers right now.

Regardless, with your knowledge in scripting based off of this model… Sure! Just friend me.

Nope i need no payment. Premium gives me robux.

You might have to friend my alt, Poopcrusher124. Great name, i know

Sick man, alright. Glad to work with you! I can’t say “Thanks” likely, but I can’t like stuff cause I liked too much stuff.

I have done it! The post is edited to have it.