Feedback on Studio Intro Scene

I have created an intro scene for a game dev studio I want to build.
This would play before the actual game starts…

A few Questions I have:
*Is it too long?
*Would players want to see this?
*Does it add or take away from the experience?

I believe this is better than a static loading screen with a bar that fills up.
Any feedback would be much appreciated - be as mean as you want :kissing_closed_eyes:

This is only a test, nothing final. I do not own this music


It’s amazing - I love it! it’s not too long, the players would love this, I do especially! It adds to the experience big time! Really nice work tehre :slight_smile:


I think it might be a bit too long- cut out the first part, and make it start by sliding in.

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This is great! But honestly it feels like a game intro more than a studio intro.

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I like it, nice, simple and to the point. I do feel like it is a bit long though.

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It looks good, but I think it’s a little bit long. If you speed up the first part where the colored text appears, it would be better. But the design and animation is good!

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I like the intro screen but as mentioned, I feel it is a slight bit too long. I would have to go with the other opinions to speed up the first bit of the intro. I believe people would enjoy the loading screen especially with the background music. The background music isn’t too loud or repetitive which could get annoying to some users. Good work on the intro screen and hope all goes well with your studio and future games! :slight_smile:

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Its cute and doesn’t stretch on for too long, I’m sure that at some point Roblox Deathrun had a longer intro to their game.

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It looks cool. Even tho be honest. It feels too bland in my opinion because the lack of the effect in a long duration.

Btw if possible add "skip"

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I think it could be a bit shorter, maybe? The music is great, and it’s good animation. I think a problem might be that the text is a bit in-your-face, not to be rude.

I believe this is better than a static loading screen with a bar that fills up.

I agree!