Feedback on Studios Game Soraa's Studio

Hello I am Scripter BanLloKei or iBandit37 from Soraa’s Studio!

I am here for feedback and to see if anyone likes it

our Gang
@Soraakk - Owner
@VertexOnRoblox - Manager
@TheAtomicDan - Head Script
@iBandit37 - Scripter
@Gregboi321 - Builder
@TerrorByte411 - Modoler
@O_verlordd - Modoler

The game is Shopping Simulator We just released it right now for the public after some time in developing
Shopping Simulator Has the features of Shopping Simulator Update Log

we would love the support of you and if you can share so we can spread the love

Game – > Shopping Simulator 🛒 - Roblox

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Hi! The game is pretty good. I do have a bit of problems though.

  1. The trees are a LOT and they should be different sizes.
  2. The tree trunks are a glossy, make the plastic not smooth plastic or change some of them so they are not all the same
  3. Pet inventory looks a bit funky/weird.
  4. The pet shop is empty, but you’re gonna fill it up later on I guess, but the GUI for it is a bit wacky too.
  5. The shop could use some more detail
    Overall, it’s pretty good!
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Thank you very much for your feedback and we will work on it!

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