Feedback on stylized trees

Hello there. I got back into developing a few weeks ago and I’d like some feedback on these trees.

Despite knowing that the lighting is what does most of the work, I still struggle with it. With that said, how should I approach the lighting. And more importantly, what do you think of the trees?

I’d love some constructive feedback. Thanks!


everything would be better if tree trunk was way better detailed, like why not to add a stylized bark texture? add just a little bit of relief to it, like here:

you could also add vines, falling leaves, leaves should get more randomisation, like different size, a little bit darker color, etc (but vines i think that they look nice only on that model)

i think that it would be coller if you used some kind of a reference, so your trees would look more natural, overal if everything you made is your work 7/10

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