Feedback on survival game

Debris is a luck based survival game where you survive until the end in a slowly collapsing map. Every 3 seconds, a spawn and a bridge connecting to a spawn will explode and break. Once all spawns and bridges are no more, the game ends. Your goal is to have the highest survival time. Depending on how high your score is, you can get items which help your survival. I will add more to this game once this post gets feedback and some support

Things I know I have to improve with the game:

Can’t change time of day depending on map

Pretty laggy due to the physics objects exploding

No way of telling who wins the game

Lobby = beyond bad

These are the problems I’ll mostly be focusing on. However, if you want to play this game, it is able to be played here:


Made a new map for the game called The Stack. The map is way too chaotic and will easily end due to everything breaking down, making it a hilarious experience. I’m not telling you how it does, so you will actually have play the game to know what will happen. I want feedback rather than you clicking on the post and leaving


reminds me of the debris service

nice job

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The funny thing is that it never uses the service

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It’s an awesome game- but one suggestion: save code. I got kicked out of the game at a score of 460 and I lost it.

Great work otherwise!

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I meant for the high score to see who wins the game. Everyone will loose their high score when the game starts or ends