Feedback on text logo

I am working on my new game studio and deciding what games I want to add to it, I have created the logo and wanted some feedback on it, is it good is it bad? Say anything, it won’t offend me in any way.


Looks pretty good, love the colours and the actual design for the shark (did you make it yourself?). One thing, try and make it look unique. Right now it looks basically the same as every other logo: 3D-type text with 2D clipart.


Looks good, however, the shark on the right needs to be flipped. Right now, it just seems like it was copied, tilted slightly, and dragged over (what I am trying to get at is, if you flipped it so it wasn’t belly-up, it would look a lot better)

Simple and good, you got a great choice for colors. Well done keep it up! 10/10

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I love it! It looks amazing! I would want to join your group :grinning:

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I like how you made the colors, some things I would fix up is to fill in the little holes in the corners of your text, then I would get rid of the upside down shark, click on the other shark, duplicate it, free transform, and flip horizontally so it’s not upside down and you don’t have to go through the trouble of trying to rotate it perfectly. I would recommend adding more detail to your text, but I think other than that it looks good.

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I know I am a bit late, but if you look closely, the text doesn’t match up correctly. This however could have been an easier fix if you where still in the process of making it (with layers), but it would be much more difficult now.