Feedback on "The Dunes" thumbnail

“The Dunes” is a post-apocalyptical desert RPG; you are woken up in the middle of a wasteland and tasked with following clues such as notes to find out where you are and what happened, then this plot will transition into a survival game where you are tasked with surviving in the desert while also completing a series of quests.
This is the game thumbnail we plan on using short-term, and I was looking for some feedback on it -

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It looks ok, but it needs something in it so you know what it’s about. Maybe an undetonated bomb and rusted out car? Also, you should make the background a bit more visible.

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The title should stand out a bit more. The background is a pale yellow, which blends in too well with the title’s white color. I’d suggest making the background / title darker, or add a black border around the text.

I also feel like the background is a bit too faded. I can’t tell just from looking at it that it’s a wasteland: it just looks like a generic desert from what I can see. I would add some dilapidated buildings, and perhaps a weapon lying in the sand to let players know that this is no tourist attraction.

If this is just for the short-term, I would strongly suggest you make the title more visible at a first glance. The background detail can wait (though I still think it should be improved eventually).

Hope this helped!

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Instead of adding textures to the text, try adding these scratches individually. See the effect on the bottom left? Try to make it match with the text to make the text appear more unique.

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Thatd just be basic like very basic tell me who aint got that for a game of that kind of style :thinking: