Feedback on the fall update to my showcase

I’m open to suggestions, so feel free to give them. Here is the game link.
When creating this I took inspiration from Toyokawa Inari Shrine, made by @nezko


Hello Stone, I have just visited your showcase and to me at least it seemed that the place is not just inspired by the Toyokawa Inari Shrine but rather similar to it.

However here are my critiques about your showcase:

  • The sun is too bright making it hard for players to enjoy the environment
  • The Torri/Paifang Gate’s roof is extremely large you might want to consider making it equal to its pillar sizes.
  • This part might be intentional but just in case it isn’t I am going to point it out, that there is an invisible block in the water that you might have created to create the feeling of the ground closeness to the surface of the water but it would work out better if you just bring up the bottom itself closer to the surface rather than creating an invisible gap. The choice is yours after all, whichever works out best for you.
  • Last but not least, is that the concept of your showcase is more likely a recreation than an inspired creation.

But on the other side here are some good things:

  • I like that you have managed to combine different types of the tree creating a good combination of colors giving off a fall feeling which what you were aiming for.
  • Looking at the house interior it seemed a little bit small but I preferred it that way and especially the seating animation was unexpected.
  • The pathway you have created a stunning view “Literally” because the sun was right into my face not allowing me to see the amazing surroundings you have created which is why I think you should lessen the intensity of the sun-beams into a calm tone, the same thing goes for the color correction colors.

Overall I really enjoyed the experience of walking around your showcase it was somewhat enjoyable and calming at some point. :blush:
Keep up the good work!


I will take your advice, It actually is an inspired creation not a recreation, of it, and have been working on it for about half a year now. I put the invisible part in the water because swimming seems to be a bit slower. Do you have any ideas as far as distancing it from the Toyokawa Inari Shrine?
I will also tone down the sun rays, I personally feel like it adds that fall glare. but I can see how for some devices it could fill up the screen.
making the tree different colors took a while because I had to recolor all the textures. as for the fall theme, I am updating this showcase with the seasons, just to give it that unique experience. Check back in November to see a winter theme. Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate the support. good luck with your own progects!

I think its great the only thing i would defintly change is making the table and in the pagoda slightly bigger

Could you send a picture of it?

like it seems a bit low

maybe add some legs just to move it up by 1 stud

It’s super cool but what I would do is remove the background music and add custom walking sounds to the different types of materials so it’s more life like

Okay. thanks for the feedback!