Feedback on the Game "Electrical Living"

I made a game with my friends called “Electrical Living”
It’s about Annoying an AI for money and Buying new Areas with the Money.
Currently, We’re Working on the Story of the Game.

Also Please tell us What we could Improve on the Game!
If you find any Bugs report them in the ingame Menu! :smiley:

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Have some suggestions for your game, after playing it:

  1. Show Changelogs when the Player first joins the game or make it into a button, don’t show it after the Player clicks the “Play” button in-game.
  2. Grammar/capatalisation errors:

  3. The whole game seems to get boring after a while, with no suspense or action. Perhaps, you might want to make it such that:
  • Different sabotages will require more steps/time to complete (e.g. To cause the power to trip, the Player has to collect a number of batteries spawning randomly around the house, and place them in a socket. This way will give them more cash!)
  • I feel that a penalty for the Player is needed if they aren’t fast enough. (For example, if the AI unknowingly looks at them for too long, the Player freezes and is not able to move, because they meet “the eyes of the living”. Staying frozen for a prolonged period of time will make the Player not able to sabotage the AI for a certain number of time.)
  1. For the Player, I feel that you could have made a custom jumping animation instead of using the Player’s default jump, as you could use this opportunity to give the Player a “ghostly” feel.
  2. Try and use tweening when the Player opens GUIs to make it more cleaner.
  3. There are a lot of things wrong with the Shop. Firstly, purchasing an area will make it more complicated, now having plenty of buttons to interact with, which makes it confusing for new Players. Perhaps, also include a tutorial for the Player when they purchase something in the Shop.

Also, some buttons and the close button gets blocked by the Menu. You might want to resize the Shop GUI so Players don’t meet this issue.

7. The Cash Shop button on the Wallet GUI doesn’t seem to have an icon. As for the Cash Shop itself, the text is slightly too small for the Player, and the GUI on the right showcasing the “2X MONEY” GUI buttons are unaligned.

8. For the “Reset AI” button, I feel that you could have replaced the feature’s name to something more “fitting” to the game’s vibe. For instance, you can try naming it to “Reset Time”, and make it as if the Player goes back in time where the AI isn’t stuck, for example.

9. You should make it such that one GUI can stay on the Player’s screen at a time, to keep it more tidy for the Player.

Overall, I feel that this is still an interesting game, probably a first of its kind that I’ve saw so far, so just keep working and further developing it!