Feedback on the House I made

I would like to get some feedback/tips/ideas for the house I made!
(I made it to practice some)

Feel free to give me some ideas! ^^


The overall design of the house looks good, but I think you should add some decorations. Possibly something like a bench on the outside, trees around the house, and maybe some lights. Good luck continuing to build! :smile:

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The house design looks good but it looks plain, maybe add more of a backround and add some more to the roof as its all one texture and also some decorations and trees, could also do terrain.

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  • Remove the rocks, they look out of place
  • Add more detail and variation to the windows
  • Add an actual door at the entrance
  • Add fences connecting the support columns on the porch
  • Expand the porch to give the support column on the grass a less out of place look
  • Add more variations and detail to windows
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i like it it looks good, maybe change the path material to concrete