Feedback on The Infinity Room

Game Completed pls try it out, It does need a good device to play on thou. ALL feedback wanted!/about

So far, it’s a little bit messy- stretched textures, models clipping through walls, etc.
I’d give the player some kind of hint(s) as to where the exit is, because right now, they can only wander through rooms and hope for the best.
I know that’s the whole point of the game, but it’s very boring at the moment without anything to help with the randomness factor.

Edit: This kind of came off as overly critical, sorry. Basically; the game has potential, but it also needs a bit of clean up.

okay thx, this was my first game, imma probably delete it with a replacement later

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I really like it.

One thing tho, I was experiencing frequent lag spikes everytime I went through a door. Other than that, I like the concept!

:roblox_light: @Discgolftaco231

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