Feedback On "The Island of My Sister's Grave" Game:

Greetings developers,

As I have completed the development of my first showcase game – “The Island of My Sister’s Grave”, I’d like to finally hear YOUR constructive feedback regarding this game.

Feedback Not To Mention As It Is Intended To Be Addressed In Upcoming Updates:

  • Fixing the disappearance of the realistic fence texture while moving forward

Woah! This really made me stop and think for awhile. You have really good building skills too! I really don’t have much to say other than maybe the blur effect was a BIT too much, but its all up to you. Also sorry for your loss, I hope you are doing well.

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Here are my thoughts on your showcase thus far:

  • This is perhaps my biggest issue with the game: it’s excessively blurry. This may be intentional, if you’re going for a sort of mystical, almost dream-like atmosphere, but I’d still recommend you turn down the blurriness at least a little;

  • I noticed that you can turn the lantern on and off, which I thought was strange, considering how it looks as though the lantern is lit by a wax candle. The lantern was also off by default, to which I say, unless you’re going to add a prompt showing the player that he / she can turn it on by left-clicking, I would set it to be on by default;

  • The water droplets falling onto the screen is a nice touch, but I think there could be some minor tweaks made to it. Two things I would suggest would be to make the droplets smaller (to improve visibility) and slide down the screen. When I first looked at your screenshots, I thought the water droplets were bubbles, which probably isn’t what you’re going for!

  • The path from the boat (it’s a boat, right?) to the grave site is rather boring. Once in the forested area, there isn’t really anything for me to look at to keep me interested while walking down the road. Even something simple, like fireflies, would enhance the otherwise blank pathway;

  • You can walk on top of the grave. I know it sounds bad that I did that, but as a gamer, I have to challenge everything. If you don’t want players trying that, I would recommend adding an invisible force field on top of the grave;

  • The game thumbnail could be improved. It still looks very blurry, almost to the point where it appears to be low quality. In addition, I don’t feel as though the font accurately reflects the atmosphere of the game. Finally, the box in the bottom-right corner seems unnecessary and out of place.

Those are my thoughts. I hope this helped!

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Thank you for your constructive feedback. As a developer who listens to their community, I have put some of your feedback into action in today’s update.

The blur is intentional but as this wasn’t the only time somebody has told me that the blur is too excessive, I have lowered it from an intensity level of 10 to 9 (as the higher the level the higher the intensity).

As some people enjoy a lightless experience, I have the lantern light closed by default – I might add a prompt to toggle/untoggle the lighting in the next update, but, I have changed the wax candle mesh to a lightbulb mesh so that players get the impression that it is an electronic, toggable and untoggable lantern for now.

I see. Well, the droplets are from beatbomber’s Screen Distortion Rain model. I will look into seeing what I can do in the next update, but, if I’m unable to change the droplet appearance and their functions, then, I won’t be able to address your concern, unfortunately.

I tried adding fireflies, butterflies, walking animals etc. etc. and I realized that since the player could pretty much see the rest of the path from a far distance away (such as where the animal could be), it doesn’t really hype, surprise or excite the player anymore and overall looks a bit unfitting or misplaced when put in the path. So, I just decided to add a group of butterflies circling above the gravestone, instead.

It’s okay, I totally understand that. As you’ve suggested, I’ve added transparent walls or barriers surrounding the grave and also surrounding the rocks/stones behind the tree in the same area.

As a result of your feedback, I’ve decided to create a new thumbnail once the game is completely finished. I have added the thumbnail to the list of stuff to not give feedback on, now.

Anyways, sorry for taking so long to address your feedback, I had shifted my focus to another project the past week, but, now I can work more on The Island of My Sister’s Grave! Greatly appreciate all of the feedback that you had provided! Have a great day!

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how did they make that rain I’m really impressed by the rain!

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its pretty good, but too much blur

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Since my game has officially gotten out of the work in progress phase and has been completed today, I have now used a more accurate game thumbnail that reflects how that area looks like and the box on the bottom right of the previous thumbnail has been removed.

I later on discovered that the butterflies generated lag, so, I removed them and decided to unfortunately not use animals at all.

I have not gotten to this yet since I deem the change unnecessary or something that was not part of the priority update that I did today, but, I will in the next update for real this time.

Despite all of the top priority, necessary things being added to the game, I am still looking for feedback and always will be.

Just a little update on this, a temporary GUI that hints/teaches the player how to toggle the lantern was implemented in an update I just launched shortly before. :smiley:

As for this, I have decided to keep the rain just the way it is. I respect your opinion, though.

Thank you for all of your feedback!